Transform in Twelve Game Plan:

Are you Game-Ready?

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“The results I’ve experienced training with Nate has been insane. I’ve lost 20 pounds…strength wise, I feel like a superhero. I can do things I never thought I could do before…” - Blaine

If you are anything like me,

you still wake up some nights in a cold sweat after dreaming about being back in your prime playing your sport again… 

All eyes are on you as you the fire sparks inside your gut and you feel yourself drop into the flow. The rest of the world slowly fades away and you start to feel free because, for the first time all day, there is nothing but right here in the moment. 

There is no confusing social dynamic, no unspoken rules that must be followed, no hidden agendas to be accounted for.... Here on the arena floor of the sports world, there is total clarity of all rules and only one objective... dominate your opponent.

You feel your well-trained body tense in anticipation of what is to come. You’re practically drooling with excitement while the butterflies flutter through your stomach. Counting down the seconds to action, you whisper the words, “3… 2… 1… GO!”

Snapping awake in your bed breathing hard, reality suddenly rushes back to you. All the anticipation and excitement you had just felt was nothing more that a dream about the life you used to live. 

You know what I’m talking about...

  • The Friday night lights

  • The brotherhood of a shared challenge

  • The adrenaline rush before you step out onto the arena floor

It doesn’t matter if you were a High School Basketball Point guard, a College Baseball Pitcher, or even a Division 1 and Arena Football Player like myself - we all know the feeling of anticipation right before the game begins… It is Like a Fire Sparking Inside of us.

It… “was”... like a fire sparking inside of us… Now, you are just one of the many “has beens” reliving your youth at night. 

  • No fire

  • No excitement 

  • No brotherhood

What Happened??

I found myself asking the same question after my career ended 6 years ago.

I had played in the arena football league for 5 years with dreams to become an NFL star, but after my injuries in the Arena Football League, I watched my life’s work slip through my fingers and blow away in the wind...

If you are reading this now, it is likely you’ve felt the same way when you hung up the cleats or shoes for the last time.

- Useless

- Lost

- Depressed

- Directionless

The good news is that today I am going to share something that changed my life, and might be able to give you back the fire of your youth.

Despite being more lost than I had ever been, my future was set and in just a few short years, I was going to discover the secrets of how to achieve athletic longevity, an unshakeable mindset, unstoppable energy, and long term health. 

  • The same secrets that pro athletes use to recover from injuries and live long fulfilling lives after sports with their friends and family.

  • The mindset to dominate your opponents on the field and transfer that into the business world.

  • And coincidentally, the same secrets that celebrities and supermodels use to pull off their jaw dropping red carpet appearances!

I’m going to give them all to you in just a moment, but first... let’s talk about you.

The next 15 minutes you take to read this sales letter may be one of the most beneficial decisions of your life ONLY IF:

  • You are an athlete preparing for a long and fruitful college, semi-pro, or I dare say even a pro-level career.

  • You want to stay healthy and athletic well into your 50s, 60s, or even 70s.

  • You want to stay active for many decades in recreational sports like tennis, golf, swimming, hiking, mountain biking and more.

  • You want to reclaim the toned, hard, game-ready body you had as an athlete.

  • You want to build your confidence and mental toughness to be on par with super athletes like Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Adrian Peterson, and others.

  • And most importantly, if you are just a former athlete who wants to reignite your flame like I did, you are DEFINITELY going to want to continue reading this letter.

I’m very happy to have you here with me today as today could be the day your life changes forever like mine did after leaving the Arena Football League. 

My goal for you today is to show you that no matter what your relationship is with athletics or how you want them to be involved in your life, you can get the jump on the clock of time and prepare yourself to thrive long into the future. 

Now that we’re on the same page, let’s dive in... 

Let me share the secrets that I wish I had known during my football career,

and now use daily.

It was my 5th season in the Arena Football League and I was beginning to question everything. The season before I had broken my ankle, and the season before that I had gotten a sports hernia that made basic human functions excruciatingly painful. 

The odds were beginning to stack up against me…

The chances I had of going on and playing another season were becoming very slim, and I hated it. 

My entire life had all been geared towards sports! 

It was almost funny to think that after spending my entire life, 16 years total, chasing football, I was left alone with no wealth and no long term success... just a beat down body...

I was broken… not just physically, but mentally as well. 

My life’s work was slipping through my fingers, yet I had nothing but injuries and a few good stories to show for it. 

There had to be another way…

Despite having some of the best stats in the league, injuries had kept me from ever making it to the big leagues of the NFL. My solution to this was to just work harder in recovery, but no matter how hard I tried to stay healthy, injuries seemed to haunt me.

There had to be a better way to optimize my body peak athletic performance than just “working harder” like so many coaches preach to us and our young athletes. 

Well it just so happens... I was right! 

There is a much better way and I am living proof. When I stopped playing football, I found myself selling insurance, letting my body go, and starting to lose all purpose in life. Yet,  six years after hanging up the cleats, I am in the best shape of my life. In fact, I just landed my first standing backflip ever, and have totally reignited the fire I had from when I was just a kid!

What happened?

Long story short, I had a few wise people in my life convince me to invest every dime I had (and didn’t have) into myself so I could discover a secret that was hiding right under my nose for years!

This secret is what I want to share with you right now, today, so you don’t have to put yourself or your kids through the pain and suffering I went through.

It took me years of studying fitness before I started to figure this out, and even longer before I mastered it, but now I can say with confidence that this IS the best way to:

  • Reignite your fire.

  • Create LONG-TERM health for your mind and body.

  • Finally stop the yo-yo dieting.

  • Have UNSTOPPABLE energy on a daily basis.

  • And start performing at an athletic peak you didn’t even know existed!

It doesn’t matter your age, gender, or level in your career. THIS WORKS and it comes down to something so… so simple.

Here it is...

All of athletics comes down to a connection between the mind and the body. What If I told you that was in short supply in most athletes today? 

You see, the thing that separates the greatest athletes in the world from you is that they understand this basic principle and have united their mind and body to work as ONE.

This is a key difference that seems small, but cannot be overlooked. 

Do you remember as a kid when you would get hurt and were told to “suck it up”

What about the time you were hanging out with your friends and they told you to “stop being a baby”?

These are some of the first phrases we hear as kids. Don’t get me wrong, toughness is important and something that is lacking today… but these phrases when we’re young can set us up for a lifetime of failure, injury, and pain. 


Because it teaches us to separate the mind and the body instead of learning to use them together!

This is the revelation I came across a few years after being forced to retire from the Arena Football League, and it changed my life.

Now it is the system I teach to my clients from around the world… and it has been TREMENDOUSLY effective.

I call it the Transform in Twelve Game Plan and it is responsible for hundreds of documentable transformations in REAL people that I am going to introduce you to in just a moment. 

The Transform in Twelve Game Plan has been developed to go against the grain of the typical coach that tells you to, “Just tough through it.” Instead, we focus on finding your specific “Root Issues” to SOLVE them… NOT bury them.

I fell into this trap as an athlete and it ENDED my football career. Just like you, I was told time and time again to “suck it up”. So that’s what I did until my body gave out, and I fell hard. This IS NOT a sustainable way to train your body.

The Transform in Twelve Game Plan on the other hand, is grounded in working with my clients individually to understand and solve their root problems instead of burying them like most coaches do. 

Don’t take my word for it though. Transform in Twelve and the unique way we train our clients has led to success stories all… around… the world. 

Meet our community:

Nate and his Forse Lifestyle Coaching provides so much more than personal training. He gives you all the tools to succeed, including meal plans, workouts, coaching and motivation.
— Marc-Louis
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“He pushes you to the next level.” - Marina

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“This is the best investment that I’ve ever made…do one session with Nate, and I promise you’ll be looking to invest for a long time.” - Adam

I can’t imagine starting this journey with anyone else...I highly recommend working with Nate as he’s given me the push I needed to make this lifestyle change.
— Elizabeth

See more of what others have to say here.

As you can see, working with me leads to massive success in athletics. Transform in Twelve is just the next level of this… think of it as the Ferrari of fitness plans. An insider circle kind of program that brings together all the information I have gathered on mind body connection into one place for you to have access to at ALL TIMES. 

This includes: 

  • Energy Optimization Training.

  • The step by step path I took to reignite my fire.

  • Access to my elite group of students around the world.

  • And of course, all of my expert designed workout and nutrition game plans that are built to meet you where you’re at and blast off into the stratosphere of athleticism.

But… I wouldn’t want to leave you with just that. I know as well as you that even when we are on the fast track to success, it can still be hard to succeed. There are distractions, shiny things on the side of the road, sights to see. Some of us play the distraction game long enough that we forget why we even started in the first place!

Then, I noticed that every time I get on a plane I end up exactly where I’m supposed to go. This is what made me design Transform in Twelve different… 

In addition to your access to all my training, food packages, former students, and a custom built path to success built for you, I’m going to give you (with your permission) an extra bonus to mimic the effect of you being on a plane. After you get on, there is no getting off until you reach your destination.

This “plane simulator” will be a 1-1 call with me every week. 

Not a group chat, not a text, not a private Facebook group. No… this will be me and you sitting down to talk about your mind, nothing else.

After going through years of false information given to me from people that were supposed to be “experts”, I came to the conclusion that I just couldn’t allow the possibility of bad information creeping into the ears of my students. 

As I’m sure you understand, coming on board with me is a commitment. You must do the workouts, eat your food packages, and balance your hormones, all of which will get you amazing results. But most important is your obligation to these weekly calls.

Why are these calls so important?

Firstly, the insider information I am going to share with you can only be learned by spending tens of thousands of dollars on the right people, and they are VERY hard to find.

Second and more importantly, we are going to use this time to connect your mind and body that have likely been separated for a long… long time. 

This is the only way to ensure that the results you get from Transform in Twelve Game Plan will last the rest of your life and guarantee that you won’t end up right back where you started 6-12 months after you complete the program. 

Here’s What To Do Next:

Understand that you are committing to a very high performance, high intensity program that DEMANDS results. I have left no room in Transform in Twelve to slack off or get mediocre outcomes. I want you to think of committing to this program as a negotiable sentence to a better body, better mind, and a better mind -> body connection. 

The only question left is how much is it worth to you?

As I said earlier, I’ve spent multiple tens of thousands of dollars tracking down a learning this information from some of the greatest experts in the world like Tony Robbins, Brendan Burchard, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, and multiple professional strength coaches because that is how much my self education is worth to me. It allows me to deliver better results to my clients and get in even better shape myself.

So let’s look at you. How much is your health worth? Judging by gym memberships from around the country and the cost to join clubs and sports leagues, I’d say most people are more than happy to pay at least $5 an hour for athletic, fun living. 

Let’s go lower though and say that your time doing recreation, being athletic, and having a healthy body, is only worth $1 an hour.

According to PLOS medicine, a peer reviewed science and research database, about 300 minutes of moderate exercise per week can add about 4.2 years onto your life. 

Using the techniques and strategies I’m going to teach you inside of Transform in Twelve Game Plan, I believe you could blow that number out of the water and get at least 6 extra years of athleticism and health. But let’s guess low and assume that you only get a third of the results I think you can get. This would still add on a minimum extra 2 years of athletic, strong, healthy living to your life.

That is an extra 24 months, 96 weeks, 672 days, or 16,128 hours of time to recreate, be athletic, and enjoy your health. Using our logic from earlier, we can now see that I could charge approximately $16,000 for Transform in Twelve at a bargain price of $1 per hour for the time that you get to spend enjoying the benefits of athleticism and health. 

When I think back to my time as an athlete, I know I would have happily paid $16,000+ for an extra season in Arena Football leading the league in catches and yards… but we have to address the reality that I would have struggled immensely in other areas of my life if I was presented with this opportunity.

With that in mind, I simply can’t charge $16,000 for our program. So let’s cut that in half and think about the price tag of $8,000.

Now when I think back to me in the heat of the football season, I can justify paying $8,000 and still being able to thrive in every other aspect of my life. Myself along with plenty of other athletes around the world would happily pay $8,000 for a low estimate of at least 2 more years of athleticism and success!


Then I think about you. Someone looking to ignite the fire in your belly, someone looking to compete at the highest level they can of athleticism, someone looking to maintain their strength long after their athletic career ends… and I feel you.

Your intensity, your hunger, your desire to be Elite a world of average.

That kind of attitude deserves every opportunity to level up and take control of their life. So for the full package including:

  • Your 3-phase workout plan

  • Your nutrition game plan packages

  • Energy optimization coaching

  • 24/7 access to my current and former students

  • And most importantly, our weekly mind/body connection calls.

I’m not going to charge the logical price of $16,000

I’m not going to charge the ethical price of $8,000

I’m actually going to drop your price for at least another $3000.

But first… you have to promise me something.

In my eyes, the deal I’m offering you today is an absolute bargain price for the amount of work I’ve put into making this program and customizing it in advance to fit you. So, understand that because of the time and effort I have spent creating this program and because of the price I am giving all of this knowledge away for, you have a few set in stone obligations when you come onboard Transform in Twelve Game Plan.

  1. You MUST attend all phone calls. This is non-negotiable and you are subject to be removed from the program immediately if you miss a call without first notifying me personally.

  2. You must track and report all your results as you progress through Transform in Twelve Game Plan. These numbers will serve to show you the night and day difference between when you start and when you finish, but also allow us to make micro changes to your routine to make sure you are optimized for success at all times.

  3. When you finish your last week of Transform in Twelve Game Plan, you are required to film a 1-5 minute video testimonial of your change over the course of the program. I require this for two reasons. First, so you can watch it for motivation on your darkest days to see how much you are capable of. Second, so I can show it to the rest of my clients that come on board so they can see how possible it is for them to achieve your level change. 

FACT: Even if you agree to the conditions set above, we still might not let you in.

I only work with high achievers that have high potential for change which is why we have created a strict application process for you to fill out after you select your pricing plan below. 

Filling out the application doesn’t cost anything and is just a measure for us to gauge whether or not you are a good fit for Transform in Twelve Game Plan. Might as well give it a shot and see where you are on our scale. 

Select Your Program Now:

*Note* All packages come with night and day access to a 24/7 group chat and our private FB community. 


  1. 1 on 1 mindset clarity call every week.

  2. Fully customized workout out plan to match your schedule, unique body type, and your muscle type for the best results possible delivered through the Forse Lifestyle Coaching app.

  3. Fully customized food packages to match your body’s unique metabolism, and match your diet to the foods you naturally process best.

  4. Twelve week nutrition plan which includes:

    1. Weekly meal plans

    2. Grocery Shopping lists

    3. Recipes broken down, and how to cook the meals

    4. 100 Page Nutrition Manual

  5. Weekly mindset group coaching calls.

  6. 24/7 access to the private facebook group and group chat.


  1. A semi-customized workout routine built around the proven Transform in Twelve Game Plan workout program I teach to students for “face to face” training sessions.

  2. A semi-customized food package based off of the pro-developed nutrition plan created to work in synch Transform in Twelve workouts.

  3. (Twelve week nutrition plan which includes:

    1. Weekly meal plans

    2. Grocery Shopping lists

    3. Recipes broken down, and how to cook the meals

    4. 100 Page Nutrition Manual

  4. Weekly mindset group coaching calls.

  5. 24/7 access to the private facebook group and group chat.


  1. Mindset training delivered through the online school.

  2. Twelve week nutrition plan which includes:

    1. Weekly meal plans

    2. Grocery Shopping lists

    3. Recipes broken down, and how to cook the meals

    4. 100 Page Nutrition Manual

  3. Weekly mindset group coaching calls.

  4. 24/7 access to the private facebook group and group chat.

  5. 10 minute in-home/travel workouts.

The Four Pillars of the Transform in Twelve Game Plan:

I help ex-athletes get their game-ready body back.


Who is Nate Forse?

Nate Forse, is the driving “Forse” behind Forse Lifestyle Coaching of Los Angeles, CA. He played Division 1 college football at West Virginia University and then pursued his dream of playing in the NFL through playing in the Arena Football League.

He now resides in Marina Del Rey, CA and fulfills his mission of empowering ex-athletes to uncover the fire they thought they lost. He helps them maximize their lives, master their bodies, be high achievers, and ultimately helps them find their true purpose.

His customized program, that Transform in Twelve Blueprint, focuses on mindset, fitness, and nutrition coaching helping those clients make lasting lifestyle changes. He is also a Barry’s boot camp instructor, a one-on-one coach, and hosts transformational live events.

Read my whole story here.