Amir Syed

“Let’s just put it this way: I have referred Nate my Father, co-worker and a business partner and all are very happy. Nate is very focused and present throughout our workouts and never are they boring. His recommendations on supplements have been a game changer for me, literally. I highly recommend him if you are a busy professional looking for a great trainer.

Tommy Choi

"Nate Forse is more than a personal trainer.  He's a personal lifestyle coach.  He's not only changed my life with my physical strength but he's also positively impacted my personal health.  I get trained like a professional athlete by him and he keeps the workouts fresh and new. "

Matt Humphrey

"Nate Forse is the real deal. We connected a couple years ago and he has become one of my very good friends. He has changed my body and mindset when it comes to training. Working with Nate I was able to revamp my body and because of him my flexibility, strength, and nutrition have all been taken to the next level.

I have learned so much from Nate. Being an athlete,I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of different trainers but none have been as knowledgeable or dedicated as Nate Forse; he is special. He is 100% attentive to the personal needs of each and every client and has showed me how to work hard and push my body to master new things. As much as he KILLS me during workouts I always appreciate the fact that he is able to get the results out of you even when you don't want to. He is my TRAINER FOR LIFE, and now a brother also.

Oh and one more thing.....being a professional basketball player you want to have someone who can get the best out of you and that without a doubt is Nate. He's in great shape and can physically do each exercise he is demonstrating to you, ....but I can still take him on the court all day."

Kelly France

"I came to Forse Healthy Lifestyle Coaching having tried many different styles of trainers and plans to improve my health and fitness. While I saw varying levels of results, nothing was sustainable. I was really frustrated with the yo-yo affect and hungry for a better way.  I needed a coach to partner with to go to the next level and Nate has truly exceeded my expectations! 

Not only does he have vast knowledge of how the body works and what it needs to perform at optimal levels, he is one of the most motivating people I have ever met. He has a genuine heart to serve others and will do his part to ensure you are successful.  But don’t be fooled - ultimately this journey comes down to your own personal will power and hard work.  Nate is a natural teacher, and I appreciate that while he motivates and encourages, he also provides the tools and resources to help you be successful, even when he is not around.  

But trust me…you want him around!  He is a ball of positive energy and makes sessions challenging and fun at the same time.  I am someone who gets bored easily with monotonous workouts.  Nate’s creative routines customized to my needs and goals keep my body guessing and I am never bored! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and the exciting part is this is just the beginning. 

Nate has a unique gifting to do what he does. Hands down, he is the best trainer I have ever worked with and comes with my absolutely highest recommendation."