*I would NEVER recommend a product that I don't personally take myself. These are all part of my daily routine.

Remember, a supplement is NEVER a substitute for a healthy lifestyle!


I've been taking Usana's full line products for the past five years and highly recommend what they produce because of the quality, manufacturing and value.

I do make a small commission on any sales generated, but at no extra cost to you. Also by using this link you receive a 10% discount!

Protein Supplements:

I love Vital Proteins because these products help not only with muscle growth, weight loss, and performance; but helps improve your skin, hair and nails as well!

I do make a small commision on any sales generated, but at no extra cost to you!

Grass-fed Steak

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Pre maintains the highest quality standards for all of its products, to bring you the best beef in the world – best-tasting, of course, but also best for you.

All Pre beef is grass fed and finished, sourced from nutrient-rich pastures and raised with care, with no added antibiotics and no added hormones.

Pre brings the eating experience you want, and even better, you can also feel great about choosing it. Compared to other beef, Pre contains: 

  • Up to 38% fewer Calories*
  • Up to 63% less Fat*
  • Higher Omega 3s
  • Higher CLA’S

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