What is up World Changer??

Have you heard the quote: “You are a product of the five closest people to you”? Well you should have, because I’ve said it in this blog! 

In case you didn’t remember, you should now take this timeless principle to heart.

The Bible says that bad company corrupts good morals, which means the people around us have an effect on us. The challenge is that this can be both positive and/or negative. 

We must be intentional about who we spend time with if we want to perform at the highest level. Humans are designed to love all, but that doesn’t mean we let ALL people into our circle. 

The people in proximity to us either pull us up, or bring us down. Which means that we are doing the same thing to them!  

So when you enter a new circle of people, this takes effect immediately. You must be aware and decipher and how you can add value wherever you go.

For example, if my goal is to become a banker, I should look for a group of successful bankers and become a sponge, learning from their successes and failures. At first, I may feel uncomfortable entering that group, knowing inherently that I can’t give them as much as their giving me. 

But in every valuable relationship, there is an exchange of knowledge.  Quid pro quo. I may soon discover that I also have unique stories that make others think in a new way. 

I try to answer the question: “How can I add value wherever I go and in every circle of people?”

The completion rate is not always 100-percent, yet I strive to form symbiotic relationships. 

But of course, there are examples where I have gotten more than I have given. Sometimes people will bring you under their wing out of the goodness of their heart. These loopholes are also called “mentors”. 

men·tor [ˈmenˌtôr, ˈmenˌtər] NOUN mentors (plural noun) - an experienced and trusted adviser: “he was her friend and mentor until his death in 1915”
synonyms: adviser · guide · guru · counselor · consultant · confidant(e)
an experienced person in a company, college, or school who trains and counsels new employees or students.

Mentors come in many forms. They can be people that you personally know, or have never met. And – surprise – they may not always be older than you. I believe it’s vital to have one (or many) if you want to grow and accomplish your goals. 

I think a simple definition of a mentor is someone you aspire to be like and who is willing to let you in. I have mentors that I’ve never met, yet I’ve digested hours of their content and absorbed important lessons that have transformed the way I see and interact with the world.

That’s the beauty of the time we live! We have so much information at our fingertips that we can literally learn about any subject, i.e.: “Youtube University”.

However, information without revelation won't produce transformation, meaning that if we just know about something without taking action, that knowledge is worthless.

This is where the mentor comes in. Life moves at the speed of your relationships and change happens when you’re in relationship and proximity with great people. A great mentor will help you get the revelation for yourself.

People don’t change unless they make a decision for themselves.

I’m so blessed that all my mentors have helped me come to the answer on my own by asking me questions and then letting me process the information to find the solution.

However, mentor/mentee relationships don’t just happen. They take effort on your part if you want a result. 

Life changes through the pursuit of what you desire.

If you want health, pursue it. 

If you want friends, pursue them. 

If you want wealth, pursue it.

If you want a significant other, pursue them.

If you want change, pursue it…

It’s not difficult, but it’s not easy. I’ll let you ponder that.  

You have to be intentional about building these relationships, and also completing the assignments that the mentors give you. 

A good mentor won’t just tell you what to do (even though they know) because they’ve been through the journey already. 

They will give you an action step, then once you complete that step they will give you another one, and so on. Someone who truly cares about you won’t let you stay where you are at and will call you up into your destiny and your full potential.

Releasing that potential doesn’t come without some hardship. Get ready for some hard conversations that will produce good fruit in your life. Iron sharpens iron.

We are wired to find fulfillment through growth, and contribution. Your mentor has probably been on this journey with a mentor of theirs. They are repeating the process with you. 

That’s the journey of life, learn something, become a master at it, then teach it to others.

In my experience this is the ONLY way to help people truly change. 

A good mentor speaks from experience, not knowledge. 

When someone speaks from their experience, it resonates in your soul. When someone speaks from knowledge, it just goes to your head.

So maybe you’re asking the question: How do I get a mentor?

Well as your mentor, your first action step is to find what you want…

Then (I’m breaking the rule here) you need to find someone who has what you want.

Then pursue what rests in their soul, one step at a time, until those elements become embedded in you. Life changes through the pursuit. 

If for some reason that person isn’t willing to help you, then move on to another one. Pursue it! 

I hope this inspires you because my life will never be the same because of the amazing mentors in my life. 

As you grow, your mentors will change too. And that’s the beauty of life! We are to be constantly growing and moving forward, and moved by those around us.

Let’s grow and become the best version of ourselves that we were designed to be.

When that happens this world will never be the same!!!

I believe in you and everything you are designed to be.

Let’s go get it!

Your Mentor,