What’s up World Changers??

I can’t believe it’s already July. June evaporated! I hope you all had a great holiday weekend and a wonderful Independence Day!

During the holiday, I went to a couple parties and hung out with friends and had a great time!

In terms of health, developing and maintaining those relationships is so vital.  

Hard work is essential for success but to optimize our results we must schedule time to unwind with people we care about, and care who about us.

There are 5 fingers of your health:

  1. Exercise/Nutrition
  2. Sleep
  3. Rest
  4. Community/Relationships
  5. Prayer/Meditation

On average, people that reside in Mediterranean countries live longer than the rest of the world. This is attributed not only to their diet, but to their relationships and close knit communities. 

In contrast, most Americans move away once college is done and family and community ties fade.

True health is not only about having abs, big arms, or a nice butt; it’s about having optimal health in mind, body and spirit.

In order to create a new habit, you are more likely to create lasting change if you belong to a community of people that believe in you, but also (and more important) those people help you believe in yourself (read more about habits in this awesome book).

Belief is one of the strongest forces in the world.

I’ll never forget the day one of my mentors told me that he believed in me. It was the first time anyone had ever said that to me, and literally was the spark that propelled me to where I am today.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a great example of an organization that enables lasting change. Whatever your thoughts on alcoholism might be, AA undoubtedly helps people change through a system and community.

One of the first steps of the organization is to become a part of their community. Then through the system, they help those people to believe in a higher power, something bigger than themselves.

It helps them turn their mind outwards, but also helps them believe in themselves. This is how true lasting change happens.

Tony Robbins teaches that we find our happiness through growth (ourselves) and contribution (others).

It’s essential that we live for others and something bigger than ourselves, otherwise we won’t be fulfilled.

People on their deathbeds don’t say that they wished they’d have made more money, taken another vacation, or had an extra car in the garage They usually say that they wish they had stayed in touch with friends and/or been brave enough to follow their dreams.

Remember we are a product of the 5 closest people to us, even to the amount of money we’ll make.

Community is essential for optimal health.

I like to take different types of fitness classes to learn from instructors and keep my tool sharp at all times, and I’m always fascinated by these different communities.

Just look at CrossFit, an organization designed around fitness and exercise, but incorporates a great community with the bond of encouragement, a tribe.

You can go to any city in the country, jump in a workout, and immediately have commonality with the people there. 

Or if CrossFit isn’t your thing, think about SoulCycle spin classes. 

Let’s be honest. It’s a spin class!!! I digress…

They charge $30 a class (with no discounts for packages) and they pack almost every class! 

At its core it’s the same as any other spin class, but what they’ve done is to create a CULT-ure and tribe around their brand.

We are all wired to belong and be part of a community. It’s human psychology. It’s how we are created.

A good friend of mine always says: “Life moves at the speed of your relationships.” and I believe this 100 percent.

So are you looking for a community or missing that in your life??

If so, I would encourage you to do three things…

  1. Find a quiet place, and write out (on paper preferably) what it is EXACTLY you are looking for. The more specific the better.
  2. Google what those attributes are. There are thousands of communities out there that embody the qualities you’re seeking
  3. Count down 5,4,3,2,1…GO!!! (look at last week’s blog if you don’t know what this is) and make that call, send that text, enroll for that class, send that Facebook message, or just go meet up!!!

If you are in an area that isn’t around what you find, there are so many online communities. It may be a solution for you!

In addition, there’s a great app called Gather that will help you find your tribe.

The only thing now is the courage to make the move.

Courage isn’t the absence of fear. It’s taking ACTION in spite of fear.

I believe in you!

So what are you waiting for? Be like Nike and JUST DO IT.

Your Friend,