What’s up World Changer??

We’ve all have heard the quote: “When the student is ready the master will appear”. 

But does this only apply to Master Yoda or a professor at Cambridge?

Not exclusive to academic settings, I believe this applies to all aspects of life.

The “master” can be a book, article, conversation, or an introduction to a new circle of people.

But the master won’t simply appear. It only happens when you are pursuing growth and change in your life. 

Change is a direct result of pursuit. Nothing happens sitting on the couch. We attract what we want into our lives, but this doesn't happen without action.

Newton’s late of inertia states:

An object in motion stays in motion. While an object at rest stays at rest, unless acted upon by an outside, unbalanced force.
— Sir Issac Newton

Just like avalanches careening down a mountain, momentum applies to people, relationships, business, fitness, and success. 

The verbiage is fascinating, “unless acted upon by an outside, unbalanced force”, meaning SOMETHING has to happen!

It’s not going to move, or stop moving unless “Forse” (haha) is applied.

The challenge is that a resting object takes extra effort to start moving.

An airplane uses 80% of its fuel getting off the ground, but once it’s in the air minimal fuel (effort) is required.

You have to START to get good.

Anything worth having is going to throw you off balance, and in order to get what you want must also be willing to give something up.

So what are you willing to give up to accomplish your dreams? 

Netflix can wait. Game of Thrones will be there. 

What might not be there? Your window of opportunity to get what you want.

I believe that being an entrepreneur means that you are willing to make the sacrifices others won’t for a short time, in order to get the life that others won’t. 

Just like a small child requires extra attention, so does starting a business, creating the life you want, and following your dreams.

I think the concept of “work/life balance” is an illusion created by people who dislike their jobs. 

You hear people use this phrase when they are talking about how the weekend was too short, or they can’t wait to go on the next vacation. 

I personally don’t understand people that “live for the weekend”. I believe each person on earth has a special mission designed just for them that only they can fulfill.

We are each responsible for the revelation of this mission (should you chose to accept it). 

This journey can be messy, but I promise you it’s worth it!

If you don’t follow your dreams, you will end up working for someone who’s following theirs.

The thing that gets in the way is a four letter word: F-E-A-R

This is where courage intervenes. Courage isn’t the absence of fear, it’s taking action in spite of feeling fear.

So if you aren’t sure of where your passion is:

  • Follow the thing(s) that gets you excited, or give you energy.
  • Follow the thing you are scared of.

You destiny is on the other side of your biggest fear. Pick up those bread crumbs and follow that trail and meet your master. 

Action taken, starts this ball rolling and the law of inertia kicks in. 

Good things start to happen and this gets exciting!

The challenge is that this process doesn’t have a set time and you must persevere through the obstacles and be patient.

But I will tell you from my own experience, there is ALWAYS light at the end of the tunnel! It will get better!!

Great ideas don’t interrupt you, you have to pursue them.
— Tony Robbins 

So get your butt moving! 

There’s a master ready to inject you with knowledge and experiences!!

Remember, I believe in you. Let’s get it!

Your friend,